Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love


This week’s photo challenge asks people to share their interpretation of “One Love“. Now that is something which can be interpreted in so many ways.

I decided to go for an interpretation which is probably very clichéd! The love shared by a mother and her child…probably because the photograph I have shared is a favourite of mine, and in my opinion, it really captures the essence of the topic.

This photograph was taken last year, during my trip to Ladakh in India, in the city of Leh. This was during my walk around Leh Market, when I suddenly saw this absolutely adorable child walking like a penguin, under the watchful eyes of her mother. Her entire attention was captured by this hair-tie that she had, and even when her mother picked her up, she was totally besotted with her “toy”, but, one just needs to see the lady’s tender expression to understand, what “One Love” implies…..

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