Wake Up!!! It’s time for Kick-off!


Yes!! It’s time when people across the world catch a fever which hits once every 4 years and is very very infectious and has tell-tale symptoms of hoarse throats, sleep deprivation leading to bleary eyes and emotional highs and downs which can put the best of roller-coasters to shame! 🙂

Yes, unless you are a visitor from Mars, you must be aware I am talking about the FIFA World Cup, which starts in a few hours in Brazil. Now, if you are not familiar with India, you might be wondering why an Indian is so excited about Football?? Google tells me that India’s ranking in 2014 is an envy-inducing 154!! 😛

But, that is merely a piece of statistic, which tells nothing about the passion many Indians have for the game, or the cult-like following the Messis, Neymars and the Cristiano Ronaldos of the world have here. Indians make up for their lack of football playing prowess with an enthusiastic following for the game. And amongst Indians, no one is crazier about football than the Bengali (I am one, but not crazy for football). And, most Bengalis are traditionally Brazil or Argentina supporters (I used to support Argentina). And thanks to the time difference between India and Brazil, most matches will start-off well past midnight, Indian time. So, people are busy calculating how they are going to juggle their jobs and the number of days they will need to report sick for work!

These photographs were taken in the beautiful city of Gangtok, which is cradled in the mountains. It’s a place I love going back to. The Paljor stadium, is a must visit destination, if you are an early riser. It is open to all citizens of Gangtok, for their morning walks. Youngsters can be found honing their dribbling skills. And, as I found out, 3 days in a week, Gangtok Police conducts aerobics classes for its forces. I was lucky to visit the stadium one such day. It was a funny sight to see the kids playing football while the policemen and women were busy doing aerobics!







I hope you enjoyed viewing the moments as much as I did! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Wake Up!!! It’s time for Kick-off!

  1. The world cup has already shown quite a few surprises, hasn’t it? I am not sure which team I am rooting for now that my favourite team is out (England). Anyway, great images you have captured from the Paljor stadium. I look forward to seeing India in next world cup!

    • You bet!!! This year the world cup has been crazy but amazing! Though the pre-quarters left the more reputed teams breathless, the underdogs failed to bite! I would be content to see India make to the world cup finals in my lifetime!! 😀 Thank you for dropping by 🙂

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    • Ahhhhh!!! Why why why must you destroy my attempts at portraying a “stiff upper lips” attitude! 😀 And don’t you know that the fever I mentioned is highly contagious! 🙂 I have been keeping very busy off late, and watching just one match a day also does not help 😦 Miss blogging!

  3. These are well taken fun shots. Yes, I have been wondering where India is in the world of football. If you are no longer supporting Argentina, who did you switch to now?

  4. Exciting! Of course your football and our football here in the US are completely different games, but both exciting, heh? Thanks for sharing. As usual your photos are to die for. BTW, I’m a US football fan. Miami Hurricanes for college and Raiders for NFL. Although the Raiders have been total bums lately..LOL. 😀

    • Thank you…as usual, you are too kind!! 🙂 If you are not following football or soccer, let me tell you that the US team did quite well in the world cup! I don’t know the rules of American football do get to watch it occasionally while surfing channels…Don’t worry..I am sure the Raiders will be back with a vengeance, next season! 🙂

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