Blowing One’s Own Trumpet…and How I Blew It!


First let me tell you a joke I had read ages back in the Readers’ Digest. Please smile even if you don’t find it funny! 🙂

There was this Priest who loved playing golf. One fine Sunday morning, he calls his bishop and tells him to cancel the Sunday sermon because he urgently needed to visit some relative who was very sick. With that, he headed off to a secluded golf course. As luck would have it, God and St. Peter were watching from above. St. Peter asked God,” Are you going to let that pass un-punished??” God replied, “Of course not. Just wait and watch.”
Making sure no one was watching him play; the Priest set up at the first hole, and blasted the ball with his wood. It was a beautiful shot! It went straight and true. It bounced, and bounced (right up onto the green) and rolled its way closer… and closer… a hole-in-one!!
St. Peter glanced at God curiously and asked,” Is this your idea of punishment?!”
God smiled and replied,” And who do you think he can tell his story to?? ” 🙂

If there is something good which happens to us, we don’t feel complete unless we share it with our friends and family. Why am I talking all philosophical? Because, I have some very good news to share!

Cheri Lucas Rowlands, one of the editors at WordPress shared my post on Holi on the “Hot Off the Press” blog, yesterday!! And happy though I am, I realised that my happiness was not complete, until I had shared the wonderful news with my friends!
Of course, as is usual with me, it was a funny situation! Firstly, I am embarrassed to admit, that before yesterday I was not aware of the “Hot Off the Press” blog! But, I follow Cheri’s blog, so I realised this was something grand! I was absolutely elated but did not know whom to tell. So like any goodie goodie Bengali boy, I first told my mom and showed her the blog. She was of course very happy. Next, I decided to share it on my personal Facebook page! But, the problem with that is, most of my FB friends are not into blogging, so though very happy for me and congratulated me heartily, they did not know exactly what it means to be featured by WordPress!

So, though I was blowing my trumpet loud and shrill, it was not hitting the right note! 😀 So, I just HAD to share it with you, my blogging friends! Because, only you can truly realize how happy I am to be featured by WordPress in their blog!

And just like the Priest who shot the hole-in-one realized, I understand that half the fun is in sharing the good news with your friends! 🙂

29 thoughts on “Blowing One’s Own Trumpet…and How I Blew It!

  1. Wonderful post. I especially enjoyed the tag line, “…who is he going to tell his story to?” That says it all. We all need to tell others when something special happens or we do something great.”

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