Chinese Autumn Festival in Kolkata- Part 2

I had written about my visit to the Chinese Autumn Festival, celebrated here in Kolkata by the Indian Chinese community. Continuing from the Paper Craft competition for the kids, there was a stage event where all the kids performed various song and dance routines. But, if the parents were thinking they were just part of the audience, they were in for some surprises. Soon, the MC had all the parents up on the stage for different games, which had the audience in splits!

I think, I may have mentioned this in my earlier post, and I repeat. What really appealed to me about the function was that it seemed like a big family get together. The Chinese community, here in Kolkata is very small and dwindling fast, with the younger generation preferring to move abroad, in search of better opportunities and friendlier environment than India. This perhaps brings the community, which was always close-knit, closer.

And that makes me wonder- What is Family? Is it only the people who are related to us by blood, or is it people with whom we share a major part of our time, our happiness and our sorrow. We may fight with them too, but we laugh with them too.

This week’s Weekly Photography Challenge also asks us to show our interpretation of Family. Let me know, if you see just a festival in these photographs, or does it feel like a family?

Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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