Happy Birthday, Tintin!

Yes indeed…Today is the birthday of the famous reporter, Tintin! It was on 10th January, 1929 that this boy reporter from Belgium made his début in the Belgian magazine, Le Petit Vingtième, creation of Herge. He is the quintessential hero. He is honest, intelligent, compassionate and like any hero worth his salt, can drive any vehicle under the sun, fight the villains and always stumbles onto adventures all across the world, even though he never wants to. He is accompanied on his adventures by Snowy, the dog. Also, his good friends are Captain Archibald Haddock and the absent-minded Professor Cuthbert Calculus. And of course, not to mention the bumbling detectives, Thomson and Thompson, who look identical, but the difference in their names is of a “P”! Read the names again! 🙂

From saving his friend Chang from an air crash in Tibet to being the first man to walk on moon (yes, it’s Tintin and not Neil Armstrong, who was first!), Tintin is always in the thick of action.

The idea of writing a post on Tintin came to me when I received the complete series of Tintin, as a late birthday gift from my cousin and brother-in-law. They knew that I was collecting the entire series one-by-one and decided to give me a very pleasant surprise, by gifting the series! The idea turned into conviction, when I commented on a blog I follow, that the blogger sounded like the “Thomson and Thompson of Tintin”. To which, her response was, that she had never heard of Tintin. This for me, was shocking news, because I was under the impression that everyone was aware of the great reporter, Tintin! 🙂 And when I read that 10th January is Tintin’s birthday, I decided to write this post today. The photographs are hurriedly taken, after I came back home from office. It’s the entire Tintin collection, of which I am now a proud owner.

If you have not read the adventures of Tintin, you have missed a cult figure. But, it’s never too late to start! 🙂

Here’s wishing Tintin a very happy 85th Birthday!

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tintin!

  1. Reading this post was like a trip down memory lane! I read the Tintin series over and over again when I was around the ages of 8 – 11. My brother had the complete set of Tintin and I loved reading about his adventures. One of my favourites is The Calculus Affair.

    • Thank you! I had read Tintin as a kid too, but, I just can’t outgrow him, it seems! Calculus Affair is a favourite of mine too! Did you know that, Herge had based the character of Calculus on Auguste Piccard, the inventor of Bathyscaphe! 🙂

  2. Trip down memory lane. Grew up reading Tintin and have read them all. Had a good collection too (not the complete series, though). People always borrowed and never returned the books; so I am left with none. I am envious of you right now and am tempted to buy the complete series. Thanks for your post and a very Happy Birthday to Tintin – our childhood hero.

    • That’s the trouble with lending books…people hardly ever bother to return them! I was buying second hand copies to complete the series…but thankfully, this wonderful gift made my day!

  3. Hummm…I’d never heard of Tintin either. I know there was a movie two or three years ago, but I’ve not watched it and I’d never heard of these books. Interesting. Guess I’ll have to search some out and read them. Thanks for the introduction to some new reading adventures. 🙂

    • Really?? You haven’t…could it be because Tintin is not very well known in the US? But, you must must try out Tintin!! And if you don’t like it, you know whom to blame!!! 😀 Thank you for dropping by!! 🙂

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