Saint Ouen, the biggest Flea Market in Paris

I always look forward to Snowflakegurl’s blog…Her posts can vary from a recipe for radish soup to a visit to flea market in Paris! I am sure you will enjoy her posts as much as I do!

Shalinee in India

ImageWith the arrival of summer, the tourists almost outnumber the French, even in remote places having little touristic interest, it’s not uncommon to hear foreign languages.

Yesterday, I had to go to the Tuileries (a big nice looking garden), a famous touristic spot in Paris, close to the Louvres, and I was amused to see a French ice cream vendor girl having a tough time communicating with a legion of foreign tourists. Aside the topic, the ice cream was the famous Italian ‘Amarino’ brand, which has ice creams shaped like flowers and taste so heavenly! She let out a ‘Bonjour’ to one of the tourists standing in the front, and this particular tourist (Italian I believe) was so delighted to be addressed, he took a while to reply, rolling out the bonjour from his mouth. The very French and perhaps new girl, must have hoped for the summer to pass…

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