Breakfast at China Town

  • If you want to visit Kolkata, winter definitely is the best time. You don’t sweat even if you have to walk for a long time, the sky is at its bluest, and of course, it is the best time to have spicy food!

    One of the places, I eagerly look forward to visiting in winter is old Chinatown near Poddar Court, to have the Chinese breakfast.

    Chinatown! In Kolkata? And Old Chinatown? Is there a New China Town too?

    Yes indeed. In fact, in whole of India there is only one China Town, and that is in Kolkata. Wikipedia states that Chinese carpenters used to stay in the present Bow Bazaar area since 1850s. Though majority of the Chinese population in Kolkata has recently shifted to Tangra, which is called Chinatown nowadays, there are a few who still reside in and around Tiretti Bazaar, near Poddar Court.

    And in this bazaar, for years now, every morning few Chinese families set up shop right on the street, to sell typical Chinese food like Dim sums, Bao (Bun filled with meatballs), meatballs in clear soup, Momos etc. I love visiting the place occasionally for a hearty breakfast.The best time to visit is on a Sunday by 7 a.m. because the stalls usually wind up by 9 a.m. The food is extremely good and my friend and food blogger Yummraj certifies that the food is at par with what he has had in China!

    I am told that earlier the entire street had stalls like these, but now it has come down to a handful of people, carrying on the tradition. This is a result of the emigration of most of the younger generation of the community to countries like Canada and Australia, in search of greener pastures.

    Here are few of the photographs I clicked during my visit last Sunday at Tiretti Bazaar (Old China Town).

    Kid enjoying meatballs in clear soup...with some help from her elder sister!

    Kid enjoying meatballs in clear soup…with some help from her elder sister!


    Kid being assisted by her mother


    Young girl enjoying meatball in soup.


    Old Man at Chinatown


    Road-side tea-seller


    Young boy enjoying a smoke!


    Delicious dimsums!


    Keeping the food piping hot.

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