The Tea-Seller Who Looked Deceptive!

The Tea-Seller Who Looked Deceptive!

Looks can be deceptive…or, don’t judge a man by his face. My penchant for proverbs and idioms is pretty well known. But, how is this serene looking man deceptive?

Well, in this case, the deception is somewhat different. The smiling face is so peaceful that it is quite difficult to imagine that at the time of this photograph, the man was running a very high fever!

This was shot in the beginning of October 2012, at a locality called Kumartuli in Kolkata. The place is famous for housing most of the artists who make the clay idols of goddess Durga, for the famed 4 day Durga Puja (worship) during the month of October. I had gone for a photo-walk with a friend, and had found the place teeming with photographers and tourists. It turned out to be a disappointing day for photography, and it was while coming back, slightly dejected, that I met this man. I was thirsty and his tea-shop was like manna from heaven!
It was while having tea; I started chatting with the tea-seller and came to know that he was un-well. He even showed me the medicine the doctor at the local dispensary had prescribed, and asked ME what the medicine was for!

I wished him a speedy recovery and started walking back.

12 thoughts on “The Tea-Seller Who Looked Deceptive!

  1. Calcutta …..Yes…thats hw i still love to term her….”Her” b’coz its cetainly not a non-living being…..Its not only full of life but somewhere it resembles a beautiful Sari clad Lady too…. It’s City of Joy…I strongly believe it still is, distractor’s opinions not withstanding….lovely Pics and nice narrations…..But a touch gloomy…..Focus on the brighter parts of the city next time around…I’m sure there’re too many.

  2. This is fantastic, it really puts the viewer there – have to say, i like seeing something a bit different….even if it is dark and honest – wouldnt change a single thing about this! You sure have it!!!

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